Relationship and Intimacy coach fights back against rabbinic ban

After a large group of rabbis signed on to a ban against Shaindy Bilgrei for lectures they deemed "unsuitable," the popular relationship and intimacy counselor replied with a vigorous defense of her work

Raabbinic notice in Der Yid banning Shaindy Bilgrei’s lectures. Credit: Shtetl

Jan 11, 2024 10:25 AM


Relationship and intimacy coach Shaindy Bilgrei, who recently faced a harsh ban by a group of rabbis, has issued a response in several Haredi magazines defending herself and her record. In her reply to the ban, she calls out those who have defamed her, and she holds them responsible for a loss of income.

Bilgrei's reply to the rabbinic ban against her

As Shtetl previously reported, Shaindy Bilgrei is a relationship and intimacy coach serving the Haredi community. Her lectures are featured on Torah Anytime. Her talks stress love of God and Torah, but she also helps women appreciate their self-worth and make space for their own needs.

A series of rabbinic notices and proclamations signed by several dozen rabbis appeared a couple weeks ago, calling Bilgrei's guidance “crooked advice from impure sources.” The notices were published in several Hasidic newspapers, including Der Yid and Der Blatt.

In her response, Bilgrei insists she has support from notable rabbis, that her lectures have benefited over 10,000 women, and that any rabbis who contacted her to seek clarity about her lectures expressly told the ban organizers that they were not signing on.