NYS bill seeks to raise minimum SNAP benefits, a program widely used by Haredim

The proposed new law would quadruple the minimum benefit amount from $23 to $100


Skverer rebbetzin, Chaya Chana Twersky, wife of Skverer rebbe of New Square, dies at age 81

A scion of numerous Hasidic dynasties, her funeral on Sunday drew thousands from across New York State and beyond


Five-year-old Hasidic girl in Monsey struck and killed by a Satmar school bus

Local activist Steve White said Ramapo school bus drivers often speed and use their phones while driving


NYS Attorney General Letitia James meets with Rockland Haredi leaders to discuss antisemitism, mental health

“Because of your leadership,” said Mona Montal, Ramapo town supervisor’s Chief of Staff, "we can stand proud and say, ‘We’re not afraid to be Jewish.’”


Tragedy in New Square: 8-year-old fatally struck by school bus

The Town of Ramapo police is investigating the death, and the school bus driver is cooperating with investigators


Chabad rabbi Shmuel Gancz delivers invocation at New York State Senate

Gancz, who is the director of Chabad of Suffern, was invited by state senator Bill Weber, and reminded legislators of their duty to fight hatred and antisemitism


Judge finds Monsey stabbing suspect still unfit to stand trial

Grafton Thomas, who is accused of attacking five Hasidic men with a machete, had been charged with second-degree murder and committing a federal hate crime


Controversial rabbi launches campaign to ‘rescue’ women from ‘indignities’ of Israeli military service

Rabbi Noson Leiter, who endorsed an Alabama politician mired in sexual misconduct allegations, is calling to “save our daughters” from military service


Driver in fatal crash involving Skver Rabbi's motorcade sentenced

Chaim Gordon pleaded guilty, and got off with a $886 fine and nine points on his license


Relationship and Intimacy coach fights back against rabbinic ban

After a large group of rabbis signed on to a ban against Shaindy Bilgrei for lectures they deemed "unsuitable," the popular relationship and intimacy counselor replied with a vigorous defense of her work