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New Agudah billboards suggest Haredi yeshivas teach children to be proud Americans

In the latest installment in its ongoing “KnowUs” campaign, Agudah’s ads over Times Square and several New York City highways say yeshivas won’t teach boys to “hate America”


Survey: Majority of Haredim approve of Netanyahu, want Gazans expelled

New survey finds a majority of Haredim approve of Israel’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war and want to see Israel take over Gaza after the war


YAFFED seeks funding to offer Haredi teens and young adults a high school equivalency program

The proposed program would be “culturally responsive,” such as gender-segregated classes and a schedule that accommodates Jewish holidays


Flip phones: not just for Haredim anymore, says NY Times

In a recent profile of Haredi-owned Fabuwood cabinet manufacturer, columnist Kashmir Hill praised the company’s no-smartphone policy


YAFFED and Agudah, usually at odds, find common ground in request for more yeshiva funding

The two organization both seek to expand Mandated Services Aid, government funding meant to reimburse schools for costs related to legal compliance


For Haredim who love football, a Torah alternative to the Super Bowl halftime show

For those Haredim who can’t resist the Super Bowl, “Halftime for Torah” offers an alternative to the celebrity pop music halftime show with Haredi A-listers of its own

Borough Park

Rental housing shortage in Borough Park an unprecedented ‘crisis,’ Haredi media says

Some newlyweds are reportedly being “forced” to rent basement apartments, or to live temporarily in parents’ or in-laws’ guestrooms


Spirited rally for an agunah in Kiryas Joel, despite gawkers, jeers, and egg throwers

Protesting on behalf of Malky Berkowitz, a diverse group chanted “give a get” and “let Malky go,” facing a sometimes hostile crowd


‘Where’s our presence in the streets?’ Mayor Adams tells yeshiva leaders to get outraged

“You’re making a big mistake,” the mayor told an audience at Agudah’s annual “Yeshiva Summit,” adding, “I am not going to be a silent friend”


Federal lawsuit claims Catskills town discriminated against Hasidic developers

After a property was sold to Hasidic developers, the town suddenly created unusual procedural hurdles, allegedly fearing an influx of Hasidic residents


Relationship and Intimacy coach fights back against rabbinic ban

After a large group of rabbis signed on to a ban against Shaindy Bilgrei for lectures they deemed "unsuitable," the popular relationship and intimacy counselor replied with a vigorous defense of her work


Menachem Daum, filmmaker who built bridges between religious Jews and non-Jews, dies at 77

During his final months, Daum, known for his films “A Life Apart” and “Hiding and Seeking,” intensified what he called his “anti-anti-goyim crusade”