‘Earthquake in the Haredi education system’ Some yeshivas in Israel will start offering more secular education

The Mamach curriculum comes with government funding, but avoids subjects that are considered taboo.


New York State adopts emergency regulation aimed at combating fraud in special education, despite Haredi opposition

The State Education Department cited "questionable practices" uncovered in a review of due process hearings for special education services.


Departing YAFFED director says work ‘triggered’ her and ‘made rest almost impossible’

Beatrice Weber is the mother of 10 children who attended Hasidic schools.


Rockland yeshiva sued former deputy dean, claimed he stole funds

The school’s head claimed the alleged thief offered to return the money in return for a promotion.


Satmar schoolteacher dragged 10-year-old boy up flight of stairs by the neck

Police said that Mendel Furst, a teacher at a Satmar yeshiva in Lakewood, left the boy with “scratches and bruising” before the boy fled home for safety.

New Square

Speaker Johnson to New Square: We’ll fight for religious education ‘with every ounce of energy we have’

Johnson visited New Square alongside Congressman Mike Lawler ahead of the upcoming general election.


New Jersey private schools awarded increased funding in budget signed by Governor Murphy

Funding is for transportation, security, remediation, and school nurses. Earlier this year, legislators scrapped a bill that would’ve helped fund private school tuition.


New York State court rules that government can withdraw aid from failing yeshivas

Appellate division overrules Supreme Court to empower the state to stop serving private schools that won’t improve secular education.


Aron Wieder’s unconventional campaign: No campaign website, no lawn signs, but major “absentee operation”

The Hasidic candidate is relying on intracommunal campaigning, including a big push at a Skver wedding taking place on election day.


New Jersey legislators scrap bill that would’ve helped fund private school tuition

The bill faced opposition from groups that advocate for public schools and civil liberties.


Rockland Haredi girls' school, haven for nonconformists and misfits, shutters suddenly

“Girls were crying. It was a chaos,” one parent said.


Efforts to delay Yeshiva oversight failed to make NY budget, despite push from Haredi political operatives

Per regulations passed in 2022, private schools have to demonstrate during the 2024-2025 school year that they offer adequate secular education