Satmar schoolteacher dragged 10-year-old boy up flight of stairs by the neck

Police said that Mendel Furst, a teacher at a Satmar yeshiva in Lakewood, left the boy with “scratches and bruising” before the boy fled home for safety.


New Jersey private schools awarded increased funding in budget signed by Governor Murphy

Funding is for transportation, security, remediation, and school nurses. Earlier this year, legislators scrapped a bill that would’ve helped fund private school tuition.


Lakewood mother charged with murder of two children

The local prosecutor’s office said 27-year-old Naomi Elkins drowned her two toddlers.


New Jersey legislators scrap bill that would’ve helped fund private school tuition

The bill faced opposition from groups that advocate for public schools and civil liberties.


Prank calls to new emergency service organization follow publication of rabbinic ban

Hatzulas Nefashos is challenging Hatzolah of Central Jersey's monopoly in serving Lakewood, and it's caused a lot of backlash.


Lakewood business files RICO lawsuit in case involving other businesses, Beth Din, Lakewood leaders, and Baltimore lawyer

Blueberry Funding alleges tactics to “intimidate” it into dropping a lawsuit worth millions from secular court.


Lakewood yeshiva principals propose changes to address “shidduch crisis”

The principals plan to adjust the ages at which young men and women begin dating.


Anti-Zionists and Pro-Israel Jews face off at town meeting near Lakewood

‘Stand With Palestine’ billboard on Route 9 prompts heated discussion of antisemitism resolution.


Police arrest suspect in Lakewood kidnapping attempt after another criminal incident in Toms River

The teenage girl was able to break free and run home, and the suspect was arrested the next morning after a high-speed police chase


New Jersey bill to help with private school tuition via tax credits and a scholarship fund

Under the proposed legislation, donations to a state-chosen scholarship fund for private school students would get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit


Fraudster Eli Weinstein indicted again, three years after rabbis lobbied Trump on his behalf

Weinstein and his business associate Aryeh Bromberg allegedly ran another Ponzi scheme targeting fellow Lakewood Haredim and others


Severe neglect at Haredi-run home prompts NJ lawmakers to draft new legislation

At the Special Children’s Center, management tried to save money by neglecting children’s needs, employees told