Singer Lipa Schmeltzer involved in car accident, thanks God for ‘miracles’

Lipa Schmeltzer. Credit: BenFish123/Wikimedia Commons


Shtetl Staff

Jan 25, 2024 12:10 PM

Hasidic entertainer Lipa Schmeltzer was lightly injured after getting into an accident while on his way to perform at a wedding on Tuesday evening, Arutz Sheva reported.

The incident occured near the George Washington Bridge after the popular singer hit a guardrail with his Tesla. According to the report, Schmeltzer said, “I am leaving here thanks to miracles. I thank G-d.”

Subsequent hospital tests showed Schmeltzer had suffered no major injuries, and the singer still managed to show up at the wedding he had been heading to just before it ended.

In a post this morning on X, formerly Twitter, Schmeltzer posted a video of the accident’s aftermath, and wrote, “Feeling much better. Miracles. And the airbags worked well.” 

He also joked that since the price of Tesla vehicles has dropped since he bought his car, insurance won’t pay the initial full value — but, he wrote, “I lost about the same amount that I had profited from the Tesla stock. lol but not lol. I am glad I am alive.”