Democratic primary results show nearly a third in one largely Haredi district reject Biden

In Assembly District 48, which includes most of Borough Park and parts of Midwood, results showed 20% chose Dean Philips and another 12% chose Marianne Williamson

A polling site in Borough Park during the 2023 general elections. Credit: Ben Rubin/Shtetl

Apr 3, 2024 4:10 PM


Results from one largely Haredi district in Brooklyn showed that about one in three Democratic voters rejected President Joe Biden in Tuesday’s presidential primaries. This contrasts with results from the city as a whole, which showed that over 90% chose Biden.

The results do not include blank ballots.

Democratic primary election results for Simcha Eichenstein’s Assembly District, which includes most of Borough Park and part of Midwood, showed that 20% of voters chose businessman Dean Philips, even though he dropped out of the race in early March, and another 12% chose longshot candidate and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson.

The votes don’t necessarily reflect whom these voters favor as president. Some Haredi leaders have been encouraging voters to register as Democrats even if they intend to vote for Republican candidates in the general election, as this allows them to participate in Democratic primaries — in which many New York City elections are decided.

About half of voters in the district are registered Democrats, and only about 15% are registered Republicans. But in 2020, a vast majority of voters in the area chose Trump over Biden, according to an analysis by the New York Times.

In Tuesday’s Republican primary, results showed over 88% of voters chose former president Donald Trump. 

These results are unofficial. They may also skew the real results, as some pro-Palestinian activists in the state encouraged voters to submit empty ballots in the Democratic primary, but the New York City Board of Elections did not immediately include those in the elections results.

A recent online survey found that 90% of Haredi respondents planned to vote Republican in the 2024 general presidential election.