New Square

Speaker Johnson to New Square: We’ll fight for religious education ‘with every ounce of energy we have’

Johnson visited New Square alongside Congressman Mike Lawler ahead of the upcoming general election.


Yeger, Wieder clear major hurdle in paths to Albany

The candidates are running to represent assembly districts in Brooklyn and Rockland.


Aron Wieder’s unconventional campaign: No campaign website, no lawn signs, but major “absentee operation”

The Hasidic candidate is relying on intracommunal campaigning, including a big push at a Skver wedding taking place on election day.

Crown Heights

Chabad women push leaders for a vote in Sunday’s Crown Heights JCC election

“All women should be enfranchised in this election,” says activist Miriam Levy-Haim.


Judge contradicts accusation of anti-Trump bias: criminal trial won’t conflict with Passover

Right-wing pundits accused the judge of trying to prevent Orthodox Jews from serving on the jury in his upcoming criminal trial


Democratic primary results show nearly a third in one largely Haredi district reject Biden

In Assembly District 48, which includes most of Borough Park and parts of Midwood, results showed 20% chose Dean Philips and another 12% chose Marianne Williamson


Agudath Israel and other Orthodox leaders rebuke Senator Schumer for his anti-Netanyahu speech

Schumer’s speech on the senate floor called for new Israeli elections and for removing Netanyahu as prime minister of Israel


Monticello mayor targets Haredi political operative in sting operation, feigning a quid pro quo solicitation

Working with the Sullivan County DA, Monticello mayor George Nikolados demanded Yermia Solomon deliver Haredi votes in exchange for a police job


Councilman Kalman Yeger to run for Assembly, after Helene Weinstein announces retirement

Yeger has already been endorsed by various community leaders, including Weinstein, whose seat he is seeking, and David Greenfield, CEO at Met Council for Jewish Poverty


Rockland Hasidic legislator Aron Wieder, a Democrat, to run for state Assembly

A Wieder win would flip the district from Republican to Democratic, and place a second Hasidic lawmaker in the Assembly


Skverer rebbetzin, Chaya Chana Twersky, wife of Skverer rebbe of New Square, dies at age 81

A scion of numerous Hasidic dynasties, her funeral on Sunday drew thousands from across New York State and beyond


Tom Suozzi, a Democrat with ties to Haredi leaders, wins former congressman Santos’s seat

Suozzi defeated Republican Mazi Pilip, an Orthodox Jew, to represent a district that includes parts of Queens and Long Island