Pro-Israel, anti-Israel Haredi protesters clash outside Monsey synagogue

Videos from the news outlet show the protesters, including young boys, yelling at each other.


Lag Ba’Omer will be different this year

Most Haredim who usually travel to Israel will celebrate Lag Ba’Omer in New York as Israel cancels Meron.


Anti-Zionists and Pro-Israel Jews face off at town meeting near Lakewood

‘Stand With Palestine’ billboard on Route 9 prompts heated discussion of antisemitism resolution.


U.S. Haredi leadership find consensus in lamenting Israel’s yeshiva draft changes

Leading Satmar newspapers decried the change using dramatic headlines and heated rhetoric, while the Agudah called the new rules a “war on the Torah”


IDF soldier and scion of anti-Zionist Satmar dynasty joins ‘Mislaibeled’ podcast for wide-ranging conversation

Chaim Meisels, the great-grandson of the previous Satmar rebbe, spoke to podcast host Laibel Weiner about joining the IDF, fighting in Gaza post-Oct. 7, Israeli politics, and more


Monsey rabbi sues Town of Ramapo over Israeli flag, claims “shock and distress” to Haredi anti-Zionists

Satmar rabbi Leibish Iliovits claimed the flag violates state laws regarding public displays of foreign flags and violates his right to freedom of religion


Agudath Israel and other Orthodox leaders rebuke Senator Schumer for his anti-Netanyahu speech

Schumer’s speech on the senate floor called for new Israeli elections and for removing Netanyahu as prime minister of Israel


Chabad group draws thousands of teens to sing, dance, and celebrate Jewish pride in Times Square

Headlined by popular singer Gad Elbaz, the event drew an energetic youthful crowd to express a joyful sense of Jewish belonging


Survey: Majority of Haredim approve of Netanyahu, want Gazans expelled

New survey finds a majority of Haredim approve of Israel’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war and want to see Israel take over Gaza after the war


Agudath Israel applauds US suspension of funding to UN agency for Palestinians

The US suspended funding to the agency after Israeli authorities alleged that some UNRWA employees were involved in the planning of Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack


Controversial rabbi launches campaign to ‘rescue’ women from ‘indignities’ of Israeli military service

Rabbi Noson Leiter, who endorsed an Alabama politician mired in sexual misconduct allegations, is calling to “save our daughters” from military service