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For Haredim who love football, a Torah alternative to the Super Bowl halftime show

For those Haredim who can’t resist the Super Bowl, “Halftime for Torah” offers an alternative to the celebrity pop music halftime show with Haredi A-listers of its own


Spirited rally for an agunah in Kiryas Joel, despite gawkers, jeers, and egg throwers

Protesting on behalf of Malky Berkowitz, a diverse group chanted “give a get” and “let Malky go,” facing a sometimes hostile crowd

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Shaindy Bilgrei, a popular Haredi relationship and intimacy counselor, comes under harsh rabbinic ban

Described by some women as having “changed their lives,” Bilgrei’s lectures have now been labeled “crooked guidance from impure sources” by rabbis across the Haredi spectrum


Judge rejects request by former Shomrim leader to postpone trial until after the Three "unlucky" Weeks

Lawyers in a recent criminal case requested to delay the trial till after the Three Weeks, but the judge was unaware of its significance

Haredi Life

Monsey ad announces new committee to tighten rules on boys’ clothing

Shtetl has not been able to confirm the existence of the committee.


Skver bans followers from using artificial intelligence

Rabbis worry that AI tools could expose followers to unfiltered content


Chabad rabbis ban yoatzot – saying only men can rule on matters related to menstruation

“One may not rely on the words of irresponsible women of weak mind,” a Chabad proclamation says.