Fraudster Eli Weinstein indicted again, three years after rabbis lobbied Trump on his behalf

Weinstein and his business associate Aryeh Bromberg allegedly ran another Ponzi scheme targeting fellow Lakewood Haredim and others

Borough Park

Another Borough Park building deemed unsafe, forcing 16 out of their homes

The NYC Buildings Department found that an illegal excavation destabilized a 13th Avenue structure, less than two weeks after a worker was killed in a building collapse elsewhere in Borough Park


RICO suit against rabbinical courts brought by founder of ‘Kindlein’ children’s magazine

Mendel Paneth, the visionary artist behind the wildly popular Yiddish-language kids’ magazine, claims rabbinical courts colluded with his former partner to sabotage his business in retaliation for defying a rabbinic order


Hasidic influencer Shloime Zionce gets both hate and cheers for promoting Jewish pride with a fighting spirit

Wearing a sweater showing an arm wrapped in tefillin and a raised fist, the self-described bridge-builder promoted his new line of clothes, with images of Jewish ritual objects fused with militaristic themes


Is the price right? Grassroots campaign calls for price transparency at Haredi grocery stores

“Show the price” or #ווייז_די_פרייז has pressured many local supermarkets to comply with the law


Sam Jacobs is building an e-commerce army

How the influencer shapes his livelihood to accommodate his Haredi lifestyle


Williamsburg fliers push stores to remove non-Jewish women cashiers

Anonymous broadsheets demands male-only cashiers to protect yeshiva boys from “profanity”