Borough Park


New Jersey State Police remove Satmar chaplain embroiled in lawsuit with his brother

The removal came days after the dispute, involving accusations of social media impersonation and defamation, spilled into public view


For a holiday marked by generosity, banks across Borough Park stock up on cash

For Purim giving, banks provide for everyone’s preferences — half-dollar coins, two-dollar bills, hundreds and fifties


Satmar activist fears “ostracization” after taking dispute with brother to secular court

In a letter to the judge, Joel Friedman wrote that his children’s expulsion from school is “imminent,” unless the court intervenes


Councilman Kalman Yeger to run for Assembly, after Helene Weinstein announces retirement

Yeger has already been endorsed by various community leaders, including Weinstein, whose seat he is seeking, and David Greenfield, CEO at Met Council for Jewish Poverty


Bitter feud between politically-connected Satmar brothers devolves into public legal contest

Joel and Abraham Friedman, both prominent community liaisons and chaplains to law enforcement, are now in court trading accusations of “defamation” and “jealousy”

Borough Park

Another Borough Park building deemed unsafe, forcing 16 out of their homes

The NYC Buildings Department found that an illegal excavation destabilized a 13th Avenue structure, less than two weeks after a worker was killed in a building collapse elsewhere in Borough Park


RICO suit against rabbinical courts brought by founder of ‘Kindlein’ children’s magazine

Mendel Paneth, the visionary artist behind the wildly popular Yiddish-language kids’ magazine, claims rabbinical courts colluded with his former partner to sabotage his business in retaliation for defying a rabbinic order

Borough Park

Rental housing shortage in Borough Park an unprecedented ‘crisis,’ Haredi media says

Some newlyweds are reportedly being “forced” to rent basement apartments, or to live temporarily in parents’ or in-laws’ guestrooms

Borough Park

One person dead in Borough Park building collapse

The two-story residential building also operated as a synagogue serving members of the Stitshin Hasidic sect


Urgent meeting, new amicus briefs filed, as court date looms on yeshiva regulations

Haredi leaders have struggled to reach a consensus on how to battle the state’s efforts to enforce education requirements


Incompetent teachers and confused students at Hasidic yeshivas, new DOE documents show

Newly released documents from the NYC education department show troubling patterns at Hasidic yeshivas, including possibly fraudulent classes staged for DOE officials