Fraudster Eli Weinstein indicted again, three years after rabbis lobbied Trump on his behalf

Weinstein and his business associate Aryeh Bromberg allegedly ran another Ponzi scheme targeting fellow Lakewood Haredim and others


RICO suit against rabbinical courts brought by founder of ‘Kindlein’ children’s magazine

Mendel Paneth, the visionary artist behind the wildly popular Yiddish-language kids’ magazine, claims rabbinical courts colluded with his former partner to sabotage his business in retaliation for defying a rabbinic order


‘Could’ve killed someone’: New details emerge in arrest of Lakewood philanthropist Moshe Tress

Using his property as a private shooting range, the Haredi donor and activist shocked neighbors after a bullet from his gun hit an area where a child had been playing


Jacob Daskal’s victim files suit, naming Shomrim and Bobover rebbe among co-defendants

The complaint alleges that Bobov community leaders, Boro Park Shomrim, and Jacob Daskal’s family worked together to silence victim Rivka Mandel, “creating and maintaining a regime of terror and intimidation”


Judge finds Monsey stabbing suspect still unfit to stand trial

Grafton Thomas, who is accused of attacking five Hasidic men with a machete, had been charged with second-degree murder and committing a federal hate crime


The Tzfatim of 770: a three-decade saga of anarchy and mayhem at Chabad headquarters

How a group of anti-establishment yeshiva students from the Israeli city of Tzfat have come to define the most radical expressions of Chabad messianism


Driver in fatal crash involving Skver Rabbi's motorcade sentenced

Chaim Gordon pleaded guilty, and got off with a $886 fine and nine points on his license


Williamsburg sex offender accused of assaulting Monsey teenager, boasts of luring boys to mikvahs

While on probation for previous sex crimes, Joseph Grunwald was arrested by the FBI for allegedly grooming, assaulting, and threatening a 14-year-old, after boasting of having access to mikvahs, school buses, and dormitories