Judge contradicts accusation of anti-Trump bias: criminal trial won’t conflict with Passover

Right-wing pundits accused the judge of trying to prevent Orthodox Jews from serving on the jury in his upcoming criminal trial


Clarkstown paid Haredi girls’ school $200,000 to settle discrimination lawsuit

The girls' school Ateres Bais Yaakov had sued the town of Clarkstown for religious discrimination after the town prevented the purchase of a former church property in Nanuet


Lev Tahor Weingarten brothers convicted for role in 2018 kidnapping of two children

The U.S. government has now convicted all nine people involved in the scheme, through testimony of former Lev Tahor member Shimon Malka


Judges hear oral arguments in state’s appeal against yeshiva advocates

At issue is whether the state can institute enforcement mechanisms for the regulations it sets for nonpublic schools, including yeshivas


Former student sues Oholei Torah, alleging child sexual abuse on school premises

The complaint adds to three lawsuits filed against Oholei Torah since 2019 that are currently pending in court


Chabad special ed teacher sued for child sexual abuse, banned from school premises

The teacher, who worked at Crown Heights yeshiva Darchai Menachem, has been accused of repeatedly abusing an 11-year-old boy in 2001


Police arrest suspect in Lakewood kidnapping attempt after another criminal incident in Toms River

The teenage girl was able to break free and run home, and the suspect was arrested the next morning after a high-speed police chase


New Jersey State Police remove Satmar chaplain embroiled in lawsuit with his brother

The removal came days after the dispute, involving accusations of social media impersonation and defamation, spilled into public view


Man sentenced to decades in prison for attempted murder of Midwood rabbi

Matthew Karelefsky received 25 years to life for setting fire to the home of Rabbi Jonathan Max, a teacher at Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin


Participants in Chabad tunnel mayhem appear in court, cheered by peers

Three men were charged with criminal mischief and obstruction of government proceedings, as a lively group of friends carried signs saying “Expand 770!”


Monticello mayor targets Haredi political operative in sting operation, feigning a quid pro quo solicitation

Working with the Sullivan County DA, Monticello mayor George Nikolados demanded Yermia Solomon deliver Haredi votes in exchange for a police job


Key witness in kidnapping case describes horrors of Lev Tahor life

Shimon Malka, 24, fled the group in 2018, but later assisted in a kidnapping scheme organized by Lev Tahor leaders