Tznius or parnasa? Businesses buy ads showing male workers, but no women

In professions that work on commission, activists say excluding women’s pictures is particularly harmful


Attorney General’s office warns Sullivan County town of potentially illegal discrimination against Hasidic development

The letter comes amid a yearslong legal battle over Lost Lake Resort, a proposed development that seeks to house 2,600 homes.


Judge contradicts accusation of anti-Trump bias: criminal trial won’t conflict with Passover

Right-wing pundits accused the judge of trying to prevent Orthodox Jews from serving on the jury in his upcoming criminal trial


Clarkstown paid Haredi girls’ school $200,000 to settle discrimination lawsuit

The girls' school Ateres Bais Yaakov had sued the town of Clarkstown for religious discrimination after the town prevented the purchase of a former church property in Nanuet


Antisemitism toward Haredim discussed at ADL’s ‘NeverIsNow’ summit, but few Haredi leaders in attendance

At the annual conference, held at New York’s Javits Center, panelists spoke of the unique challenges with antisemitism faced by Haredim, whose Jewishness is highly visible


Federal lawsuit claims Catskills town discriminated against Hasidic developers

After a property was sold to Hasidic developers, the town suddenly created unusual procedural hurdles, allegedly fearing an influx of Hasidic residents