NYC Mayor's Hasidic senior advisor Joel Eisdorfer eyes lobbying job

“What they’re doing is cashing in on their access to the mayor and City Hall,” one activist told the New York Daily News.


Haredi police officer rehired in Monticello despite admitting to sexual assault

“The message that’s being sent to people is that because people have political connections, they’re above the law,” the village’s former mayor told Shtetl.


Efforts to delay Yeshiva oversight failed to make NY budget, despite push from Haredi political operatives

Per regulations passed in 2022, private schools have to demonstrate during the 2024-2025 school year that they offer adequate secular education


Judge contradicts accusation of anti-Trump bias: criminal trial won’t conflict with Passover

Right-wing pundits accused the judge of trying to prevent Orthodox Jews from serving on the jury in his upcoming criminal trial


Ezra Friedlander, consultant working for Azerbaijan, didn’t officially disclose City Hall meeting

Friedlander, who has also worked with many Haredi organizations, said the meeting was irrelevant to questions about Adams’s ties with Turkey


Democratic primary results show nearly a third in one largely Haredi district reject Biden

In Assembly District 48, which includes most of Borough Park and parts of Midwood, results showed 20% chose Dean Philips and another 12% chose Marianne Williamson


New bill would exempt matzah bakeries, other restaurants from environmental rule

Staten Island Assemblyman proposes bill to exempt matzah bakeries, pizzerias from environmental rule that constitutes “discrimination against ethnic restaurants”


Mayor Adams Jewish liaison Joel Eisdorfer sued over failed business deal

The deal to buy a restaurant was nixed after Eisdorfer’s $300,000 deposit check bounced, but the real estate agent is still suing for his broker fee


Haredi leaders call for ‘major day of prayer’ against state intervention in Haredi schools

Oral arguments are set to take place today between the state government and Haredi advocates


New Jersey State Police remove Satmar chaplain embroiled in lawsuit with his brother

The removal came days after the dispute, involving accusations of social media impersonation and defamation, spilled into public view


Monsey rabbi sues Town of Ramapo over Israeli flag, claims “shock and distress” to Haredi anti-Zionists

Satmar rabbi Leibish Iliovits claimed the flag violates state laws regarding public displays of foreign flags and violates his right to freedom of religion