How a campaign of unfounded rumors overturned Ramapo’s Hispanic-run taxi industry

By spreading allegations about non-Jewish taxi drivers assaulting female passengers, a group of Haredi activists in Rockland created a lucrative vacuum for Haredi-owned companies to fill


New bill would exempt matzah bakeries, other restaurants from environmental rule

Staten Island Assemblyman proposes bill to exempt matzah bakeries, pizzerias from environmental rule that constitutes “discrimination against ethnic restaurants”


New Jersey bill to help with private school tuition via tax credits and a scholarship fund

Under the proposed legislation, donations to a state-chosen scholarship fund for private school students would get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit


For a holiday marked by generosity, banks across Borough Park stock up on cash

For Purim giving, banks provide for everyone’s preferences — half-dollar coins, two-dollar bills, hundreds and fifties


NYS bill seeks to raise minimum SNAP benefits, a program widely used by Haredim

The proposed new law would quadruple the minimum benefit amount from $23 to $100


Is the price right? Grassroots campaign calls for price transparency at Haredi grocery stores

“Show the price” or #ווייז_די_פרייז has pressured many local supermarkets to comply with the law


Sam Jacobs is building an e-commerce army

How the influencer shapes his livelihood to accommodate his Haredi lifestyle


Williamsburg fliers push stores to remove non-Jewish women cashiers

Anonymous broadsheets demands male-only cashiers to protect yeshiva boys from “profanity”