Jewish Life


Spirited rally for an agunah in Kiryas Joel, despite gawkers, jeers, and egg throwers

Protesting on behalf of Malky Berkowitz, a diverse group chanted “give a get” and “let Malky go,” facing a sometimes hostile crowd

Haredi Life

Orthodox passengers asked to leave JetBlue flight after seat switch

After an elderly man asked a fellow passenger to switch seats “for religious purposes,” the group was told to deplane because “changing seats is a violation”


Hasidic influencer Shloime Zionce gets both hate and cheers for promoting Jewish pride with a fighting spirit

Wearing a sweater showing an arm wrapped in tefillin and a raised fist, the self-described bridge-builder promoted his new line of clothes, with images of Jewish ritual objects fused with militaristic themes

Jewish Life

After attacks in Israel, Matisyahu ponders a return to wearing a beard and yarmulke

Oct. 7 attacks “just smacked me in the face” and his ‘pintele Yid’ was awakened, the musician said, as he reconsidered an outward expression of his Jewish identity


Judge rejects request by former Shomrim leader to postpone trial until after the Three "unlucky" Weeks

Lawyers in a recent criminal case requested to delay the trial till after the Three Weeks, but the judge was unaware of its significance