Tom Suozzi, a Democrat with ties to Haredi leaders, wins former congressman Santos’s seat

Suozzi defeated Republican Mazi Pilip, an Orthodox Jew, to represent a district that includes parts of Queens and Long Island


Sinister ploy by conspiracy theorist filmmaker targets activist and victim of child sexual abuse

Manny Waks, a renowned Jewish activist, gave a moving interview on camera about his experiences as a victim of child sexual abuse. The filmmakers used it to advance a lie about the 770 excavations


For Chabad women emissaries, a chance to study, network, shop, and arrange a shidduch

With women gathered from all over the world, Crown Heights is bustling with activity, with everything from lectures on Hasidism to a six-day "Shopaganza"


Chabad rabbi Shmuel Gancz delivers invocation at New York State Senate

Gancz, who is the director of Chabad of Suffern, was invited by state senator Bill Weber, and reminded legislators of their duty to fight hatred and antisemitism


The Tzfatim of 770: a three-decade saga of anarchy and mayhem at Chabad headquarters

How a group of anti-establishment yeshiva students from the Israeli city of Tzfat have come to define the most radical expressions of Chabad messianism


The tunnel mayhem at 770 was bizarre. Some of the reactions were even more so

From the antisemitic to the earnest to the comedic, it was a field day for all — including, apparently, those who got arrested


Chaos in 770 as extremists vandalize shul, mini riot erupts, leading to several arrests

Vandals were also responsible for the recently discovered tunnels under the main Chabad shul, which led officials to summon repair workers who were today prevented from work

Haredi Life

Year end reflections on Shtetl’s first ten months of reporting: the top issues of 2023

With the intimate familiarity of insiders but free from the usual top-down oversight of Haredi media, we reported on everything from the Satmar rebbe's bragging about deceiving legislators to Agudah's efforts to keep the Times from winning a Pulitzer

Crown Heights

Tunnels found under 770 Eastern Parkway

Engineers have been called to inspect the building for structural damage, and the women's section on Kingston Avenue is closed off