Lakewood philanthropist Moshe Tress arrested for illegally shooting an AR-15 assault rifle

Tress fired the high-powered, semi-automatic weapon near a busy county road, “recklessly” creating “a risk of widespread injury,” according to the arrest warrant


Haredi children’s magazine blurs image of Nikki Haley

Five presidential hopefuls are shown on the debate stage — but the only woman in the photo is blurred


Large numbers of Haredim join thousands of all stripes at DC rally to support Israel

Bus caravans arrived from Brooklyn, NY, and Lakewood, NJ, but some Haredim stayed away — with one rabbi calling the rally "anti-productive"


In historic shift, large groups of Haredim expected at pro-Israel rally in DC on Tuesday

Agudath Israel and Chabad-Lubavitch organizations in Crown Heights have thrown their support behind the event


Four takeaways from Tuesday’s general election within Haredi communities

Election results in Rockland, Brooklyn, and Lakewood, New Jersey


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Director of NJ Agudah offices to run for state assembly seat

Rabbi Avi Schnall will run as a Democrat in the heavily-Republican 30th district that includes Lakewood


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Is "the freezer" broken? Some blame it for the "Shidduch crisis"

Popular Haredi radio show Headlines tackles the issue.


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His sentence commuted by Trump after pleas from rabbis, Eli Weinstein is arrested on new charges

He’s alleged to have been involved in a $38 million "Ponzi-like scheme"