Satmar schoolteacher dragged 10-year-old boy up flight of stairs by the neck

Police said that Mendel Furst, a teacher at a Satmar yeshiva in Lakewood, left the boy with “scratches and bruising” before the boy fled home for safety.

Borough Park

Second teen suicide in under three weeks rocks Brooklyn Hasidic community

In a tearful eulogy, Satmar rebbe of Williamsburg, Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, called on the community to reflect on these tragedies, and for each community member to also “make an individual accounting” on what must be done to prevent such incidents


U.S. Haredi leadership find consensus in lamenting Israel’s yeshiva draft changes

Leading Satmar newspapers decried the change using dramatic headlines and heated rhetoric, while the Agudah called the new rules a “war on the Torah”


Music to signal the onset of Shabbos in Monsey thanks to new Satmar synagogue

In an upgrade from an ancient practice, a new musical “bell” will announce the start of Shabbos — unlike the shrill sirens used in many other Haredi neighborhoods


IDF soldier and scion of anti-Zionist Satmar dynasty joins ‘Mislaibeled’ podcast for wide-ranging conversation

Chaim Meisels, the great-grandson of the previous Satmar rebbe, spoke to podcast host Laibel Weiner about joining the IDF, fighting in Gaza post-Oct. 7, Israeli politics, and more


Haredi leaders call for ‘major day of prayer’ against state intervention in Haredi schools

Oral arguments are set to take place today between the state government and Haredi advocates


New Jersey State Police remove Satmar chaplain embroiled in lawsuit with his brother

The removal came days after the dispute, involving accusations of social media impersonation and defamation, spilled into public view


Monsey rabbi sues Town of Ramapo over Israeli flag, claims “shock and distress” to Haredi anti-Zionists

Satmar rabbi Leibish Iliovits claimed the flag violates state laws regarding public displays of foreign flags and violates his right to freedom of religion


Sex strike for agunah stirs controversy, elicits disapproval from prominent rabbi Hershel Schachter

While some have voiced support, various Orthodox figures have called the sex strike a “terribly destructive idea” and “morally wrong”


Satmar activist fears “ostracization” after taking dispute with brother to secular court

In a letter to the judge, Joel Friedman wrote that his children’s expulsion from school is “imminent,” unless the court intervenes


Satmar rebbe honors notorious sex abuser with a visit to daughter’s wedding

At the wedding of Nechemya Weberman’s daughter, Satmar rebbe Zalmen Teitelbaum was an honored guest. Many Satmar Hasidim still believe the convicted rapist is innocent


Kiryas Joel school to pay $300,000 fine for admitting unvaccinated students

After facing possible fines in tens of millions of dollars, school officials reached an agreement with the DOH by promising increased cooperation