Process of improving secular education in Haredi yeshivas falls behind schedule

Three yeshivas got extensions for submitting their remediation plans


Q&A: Founder of Shmira Public Safety assesses the impact of the Israel crisis on New York’s Haredi community

“If we can have swastikas at a protest in Times Square, then we should remember that the enemy is here too."


After Hamas attacks, much of Haredi media emphasizes victims’ irreligiosity

Did the massacre target non-observant Jews for punishment? Many Haredi outlets pushed such a narrative


Here’s what Haredi leaders in New York are saying about the attacks in Israel

The statements speak to Haredi Jews’ varying relationships with the Jewish state


How Haredim learned about the attacks in Israel during the holidays without access to technology

Government officials, synagogue security guards, and others had to deliver the news in person


Roundup: Congressional candidate deletes tweet, alleged Sukkot violence in Crown Heights, and more

The most interesting Haredi news in other outlets this week

Kiryas Joel

Petition by Haredi group to form Seven Springs village is rejected

Petition to create a new Hasidic village outside Kiryas Joel fails on technical grounds


Survey: Ninety percent of Haredim plan to vote Republican in 2024

The survey polled 1,224 Haredim for their opinions on politics


Uproar in Rockland Hasidic community amid claims of inappropriate behavior in local taxis

Barred from driving, Hasidic women rely on taxis to fulfill parental and spousal duties