How a campaign of unfounded rumors overturned Ramapo’s Hispanic-run taxi industry

By spreading allegations about non-Jewish taxi drivers assaulting female passengers, a group of Haredi activists in Rockland created a lucrative vacuum for Haredi-owned companies to fill

New Square

Ramapo police recover $14,000 shtreimel stolen from a car in New Square

The pricey fur hat, traditionally worn by Hasidic men on Shabbos and holidays, was returned to its owner, and two suspects were arrested


NYS bill seeks to raise minimum SNAP benefits, a program widely used by Haredim

The proposed new law would quadruple the minimum benefit amount from $23 to $100


Skverer rebbetzin, Chaya Chana Twersky, wife of Skverer rebbe of New Square, dies at age 81

A scion of numerous Hasidic dynasties, her funeral on Sunday drew thousands from across New York State and beyond


Tragedy in New Square: 8-year-old fatally struck by school bus

The Town of Ramapo police is investigating the death, and the school bus driver is cooperating with investigators


Incompetent teachers and confused students at Hasidic yeshivas, new DOE documents show

Newly released documents from the NYC education department show troubling patterns at Hasidic yeshivas, including possibly fraudulent classes staged for DOE officials


Driver in fatal crash involving Skver Rabbi's motorcade sentenced

Chaim Gordon pleaded guilty, and got off with a $886 fine and nine points on his license

Haredi Life

Year end reflections on Shtetl’s first ten months of reporting: the top issues of 2023

With the intimate familiarity of insiders but free from the usual top-down oversight of Haredi media, we reported on everything from the Satmar rebbe's bragging about deceiving legislators to Agudah's efforts to keep the Times from winning a Pulitzer


Roundup: Skverer rebbe to visit Poland, Shmira expands, and other Haredi news

The most notable Haredi news from the last two weeks


Plea deal offered in case of fatal crash involving Skverer rabbi

New judge is reluctant to drop the reckless driving charge


Police, prosecutors point to each other in dropping criminal charge against driver in fatal car crash

“I honestly don’t know what’s going on with this entire thing.” - Police spokesperson


Skver bans followers from using artificial intelligence

Rabbis worry that AI tools could expose followers to unfiltered content