Fact-check: ‘Der Blatt’ publishes fake letter from state police about lights and sirens

The fraudulent document, which had circulated on social media, claimed to be about an “enforcement initiative” from the New York State Police


Flip phones: not just for Haredim anymore, says NY Times

In a recent profile of Haredi-owned Fabuwood cabinet manufacturer, columnist Kashmir Hill praised the company’s no-smartphone policy


RICO suit against rabbinical courts brought by founder of ‘Kindlein’ children’s magazine

Mendel Paneth, the visionary artist behind the wildly popular Yiddish-language kids’ magazine, claims rabbinical courts colluded with his former partner to sabotage his business in retaliation for defying a rabbinic order


Controversial rabbi launches campaign to ‘rescue’ women from ‘indignities’ of Israeli military service

Rabbi Noson Leiter, who endorsed an Alabama politician mired in sexual misconduct allegations, is calling to “save our daughters” from military service

Haredi Life

Year end reflections on Shtetl’s first ten months of reporting: the top issues of 2023

With the intimate familiarity of insiders but free from the usual top-down oversight of Haredi media, we reported on everything from the Satmar rebbe's bragging about deceiving legislators to Agudah's efforts to keep the Times from winning a Pulitzer


Amid rising Haredi sympathy for Israel, Satmar rabbis issue harsh media guidelines for war coverage

In a strident stance against Zionism, leading Satmar rabbis issued strict guidelines to Haredi news media, warning against showing support for Israel or the IDF


Haredi children’s magazine blurs image of Nikki Haley

Five presidential hopefuls are shown on the debate stage — but the only woman in the photo is blurred


After Hamas attacks, much of Haredi media emphasizes victims’ irreligiosity

Did the massacre target non-observant Jews for punishment? Many Haredi outlets pushed such a narrative


Popular Hasidic women’s magazine publishes racist jokes

The anti-Black humor appeared in a series meant to be inspiring


Agudah to the Pulitzers: No award for NYTimes Hasidic yeshiva stories

Advocacy group argues that the explosive investigation is not worthy of the prestigious prize